The Story of Us


Elm is a furniture manufacturer based in Indonesia specializing in locally made wooden products.

The journey of our company started in 2015 with majoring in hospitality products. All of the design is the result of refinement in our research and development to enhance comfort and the finish quality of our crafted piece.

Crafting chair, table and modular items are the area of our expertise. Elm crafted pieces are being made in our production facility by the hands of our experienced carpenter. Slight imperfection becomes our signature as we make use of manual machinery which leads to the better society welfare around our facility.

Design Principles

Nature has formed abstract and indescribable lines which result in a subtle beauty of a wood grain. We believe that each type of woods has a story to be told in a diverse aspect in our life.

ELM tries to add values which enhance the beauty as well as usage of wooden furniture in our daily life.

“Timeless simplicity in a subtle beauty“