We consider this species as the representation of our brand. The character of the woods describe our brand in term of design , elm implement subtle yet simple design in our line up with sungkai wood.

Peronema canescens (Verbenaceae) has cream-colored to light yellow or light brown in the heartwood and not well defined from the sapwood. People often referring sungkai to “White Teak “ in regards to the similarity of the wood grain and density towards teak . Sungkai wood is mostly originated from Borneo Indonesia.

Though with its beauty, there is an exception within. Sungkai may retain its beauty in indoor usage only, as it will break and moved when it’s exposed to a sudden temperature change or humidity especially when it’s exposed to a direct sunlight and rain.

As the wood has a tight and curvy grain, it may moves and crack easily. Thus, the usage of solid wood sungkai in our production is limited to a certain type of furniture. Table top with length more than 2 meter is being produced by using a veneer sungkai in hardwood plywood.

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The vast arrays of choices of our fabric are made available to satisfy the needs, from a commercial to a residential project.